We offer you skirts / pants hangers and you can be sure that the rubber of skirts hangers clips will not be loosed, unsticks or not colour your products.
Our classic type of hanger for jackets  also is improved quality. The inner part of the hanger is poured out an additional bar, which enhances the durability of the hanger on the hanging heavier products such as coats. We can offer the bar, which can be equipped with extra foam tape, and without it, which is used for hanging suits.
We also offer higher quality types of jackets  hangers, which have broader shoulders, thicker walls.
The type T hanger is of maximum versatility suspension, suitable for most clothing: blouses, dresses, skirts and so on. Lightweight, compact, durable.
And we have the opportunity to offer you to personalize your brand, by placing the logo on hangers that we produce. We can also offer different colours, shapes and materials hooks of hangers.